About Us


The Small and Fragile Club was founded in early 2021 - just a few months after becoming a mama to Wolf. Knowing I wanted to be a stay at home mama I looked up different methods on how to make an income from home. Then I fell in love again. At first with my son Wolf, but then from our breastfeeding journey.

With paper and pencil I sketched ideas (some that will never be spoken about), and then coming up with my bestselling Milky Cow tee. A simple, yet fun tee that represents a full-time breastfeeding mama.

Ran from the corner of my living room, usually packing your orders at night when my little one is asleep and isn't trying to snatch everything from me!

The Small and Fragile Club is dedicating to creating unique designs that showoff breastfeeding, and breast milk in all its glory.

If society can put a carton of strawberry cow milk on a tshirt, then us mamas can wear a nice carton of breast milk on a shirt as well!

Thank you for being here. I will forever and always be grateful for your support in any way it comes. May God bless you, and your family.

-Jasmine + baby Wolf